Paula Franklin and Joel McCombs

Drive comes from passion.  Passion is the end result of doing what you love.

We are Paula Franklin and Joel McCombs, the duo behind Wall Star Graphics. 

Growing up in the 70’s and 80’s, we absorbed a lot of influences that are still an important part of today’s design culture. 

As a child, I constantly moved to various parts of the country.  Nine schools in nine years, exposing me to a wide variety of lifestyles.  I developed a true love for music at a very young age.  I have fond memories of many concerts and having the opportunity to meet some of my idols.  Maybe this is the point where I realized I wanted to be an entrepreneur. 

Joel was born in New York where he lived until he was 12.  Before leaving New York, he began playing guitar.  He was transplanted to southern California during the Punk movement, setting the stage for what would become a lifetime passion/obsession with music. 

In 2009, both unemployed due to the economic collapse, we created Wall Star Graphics.  The philosophy was simple – if we could start a new business in a down economy and make it work, there’d be no stopping us.  Early on, we noticed an untapped market of design professionals and interior decorators that needed higher end or larger format decor options.  Our focus was to create a wide selection of trending and timeless designs for residential, retail and hospitality clients.  Realizing the market was flooded with quotes, kitschy designs and children's decor, our goal was to create a more modern and sophisticated collection.  This has led us to work with high end hotels, restaurants and resorts providing them with everything from wall decals to custom way finding, brand signage, and lobby art.  

After several successful years with Wall Star Graphics, in 2013 we launched Modern Artifact Decor, providing curated vintage decor items and upcycled, industrial lighting.

Through the research of trends, we will continually be adding new designs.  Check back in often for the latest.  Need something custom?  Let us know, we’d love to help.

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Rock on!

Paula and Joel

All of our decals are proudly made in the USA.